Welcome to our Partner page, here you can find details on what we have to offer and our advertisement which we’ve likely ask you to post in your server!

Things we have to offer:
══ 📣 A personal advertisement
══ 🎉 Sponsored giveaways in your server
══ 💬 Active community chat
══ 🤖 Incredible custom bot
══ 👪1.8k+ Members

Our expectations & conditions
══ An advertisement in return
══ If we sponsor a giveaway in your server, must @everyone
══ If your server is equal or similar size, we can offer @everyone for @everyone
══ There is no member requirement to partner with us
══ Any servers below 200 members must @everyone
══ We don’t just partner with anyone, we only partner with servers we believe in

TLDR: We are now looking for servers to partner with! Please don’t hesitate to contact us, everything is negotiable

Our Advertisement

              **PHONOS GAMING COMMUNITY** 
╚══════════༻  :blue_heart:  ༺═══════════╝

══    *:speech_balloon: `Active community chat`*

══    *:maple_leaf: `Chilled hangout vibes`*

══    *:family_mwg: `Meet new people`*

══    *:tada: `Giveaways and events`*

══    *:video_game: `Feature a variety of games`* 

══    *:heart_decoration: `Friendly mature Staff`*                                    

══    *:loud_sound: `Customisable private channels`*

══    *:robot: `Incredible custom bot`*

[ ]
[ ]
[ @here @everyone ]

- Must be level 1 (5 messages) in chat (MEE6). 

Thanks for choosing to partner with Phonos Gaming Community! We host a variety of weekly giveaways in our server and we hope to do business with you again in the near future.