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Hey `@everyone`, @Members, We would like to bring your attention to the @⚔️Adventurer role and #adventure this is a new cool text based RPG game that’s played directly through discord in it you gain level, rebirths and gear and get strong and strong, and its future will be directly influenced by your .
If you get the role in you will get pings when there an adventure about to start in #adventure or the flash cart selling items is about to arrive.
This role will also give you access to a hidden category containing #adventure-chat and #adventure-guide would highly recommend you read #adventure-chat to get a feel for the basic and the classes and their skills.

While we are here we would like to let you all know that we also have a giveaway in for 3 Random Steam Keys, to join you need to be level 1 in chat (Send roughly 5 leveled messages 1 per 60 second) and then go to and react to the latest active give away there (Just react to 🎟)

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